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Information Technology Unit (ITU)

The Information Technology Unit (ITU) has the responsibility to support the Financial Investigations Division (FID) on its quest to remove the benefits of crime from the hands of criminals. The primary areas of support include – Application Development, Data Analytics, Digital Forensics, Systems Management and Project Management.

This mandate is achieved by providing competent staff and a modern, well equipped and professional Information and Communication Technology (ICT) environment. We facilitate the Division’s utilization of this technology to offer efficient, timely and relevant support to its clients locally and in overseas territories.


Unit Objectives

As Information Technology Specialists, the Unit provides technical support as follows:

  1. Implement and manage access and availability of strategic business information systems to the organization to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of investigations.
  2. Establish a mechanism for efficient, resilient and secure access and utilization of the information systems resources and environment.
  3. Develop proficient digital forensic and cyber security strategies in accordance with international standards and in support of the investigative process.