FID prosecuting cases valued at over J$0.5bn and US$1.5M

Over the period July 2020 to March 2021 the Financial Investigations Division successfully completed investigations and brought before the Courts 15 Asset Recovery cases. These include 12 Criminal Forfeiture cases and three Civil Recovery cases. FID prosecutors are pursuing the forfeiture of just over JMD567M and USD1.53M in cash and  assets held by various persons charged under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Criminal Forfeiture
There are six narcotics-related cases where the value of the criminal benefit is assessed to be over J$95M and US$9,000; two cases of fraud involving over J$13M and US$1800; two cases of money laundering in which the criminal benefit exceeds J$300M and US$24,000. Also included is one case of lottery scamming in which the criminal benefit is approximately J$29M and US$27,000. There is one case involving unlicensed securities operation and fraud where the assessed criminal benefit is over J$52M and US$1.1M.

Civil Recovery
There are two cases of lottery scamming involving properties valued at over US$83,000 and one case of credit card fraud with properties valued at approximately J$66M and US$250,900

FID’s comments

Keith Darien – Principal Director, FID

In commenting on the on-going cases, the FID’s Principal Director Keith Darien said, “the FID’s team of Attorneys and Forensic Examiners along with the Constabulary Financial Unit work tirelessly to bring those who seek to benefit from criminal activities to justice.”

“While many things have slowed down due to the pandemic, criminals have taken no break. As a result the FID cannot take a break either. We sharpened our investigative skills, leveraged the use of technology and strengthened the strategic partnership with our law enforcement colleagues in the JCF. The collaboration is yielding better results as we advance. The cases brought against persons charged under the Proceeds of Crime Act are potent.

These cases are at various stages before the Courts and significant successes are anticipated. It is our duty to produce air-tight, iron-clad, compelling evidence; this is a duty to which we are fully committed. Let me use the opportunity to discourage any individuals or businesses which seek to pursue or enable criminal lifestyles; the FID will catch up with you. Criminality is big business but it doesn’t pay; the FID is here to ensure this.”